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Medical Billing is what we do every day. Using our services eliminates the need to spend thousands on software updates, computer upgrades, and IT support costs. No taxes, employee benefits, training costs, or the hassle of turnover. Instead of wading through mountains of paperwork, we provide simple easy to understand reports as often as you like.

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What People Say About Us
"To say that we are pleased with what the team at PBS have done for Wellness Solutions over the years is an understatement. If you don't work with PBS, you will be asking yourself why not at some point down the road....."
Steven Scesa, Wellness Solutions
"In addition, I now utilize her new scheduling services, this minimizes missed appointments, which increases my revenues and saves me valuable time and money. ... I would not choose to be in private practice without PBS's services...."
Sandy Cooper LPC-MHSP
"We get reimbursed much more quickly than we expected. We feel more able to focus on our clients needs since we do not have to worry about precerts or billing concerns.We have had such a positive experience with PBS..."
Christina Jones, PhD


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