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We provide a variety of services to choose from. If your office is bogged down with paperwork, un-filed or unpaid claims, let us put your office back in order. Together we will tailor a package of services based on your needs.

Services Overview

●    Appointment Scheduling
●    Patient Verification - Benefits, Eligibility and determine if managed care
●    Initial Pre-certification for new clients - maintain tracking of managed care clients
●    Data entry of all patient demographic and insurance information
●    Data Entry of all fees, payments and adjustments
●    Electronic/Paper Claim Filing
●    Immediate resolution to rejected claims from insurance carriers
●    Monthly monitoring of insurance aging to ensure timely payment
●    Follow up on any unpaid claims for resolution
●    Professional statements to your clients on a monthly basis, follow up letters for
      past due accounts
●    Transfer to collections at practice request
●    Credit Card Processing
●    Access to your practice via secure connection for appointment scheduling, real time patient
      remainder balances, reports and EMR.

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Physician Credentialing
Opening a new practice? Adding a Provider?
Credentialing is a time consuming and tedious process that many of our competitors don't do. This process is made easy and completely handled by the professionals at PBS.
Electronic Claims Submission
Believe it or not..
Amazingly, some providers and billing companies are still submitting paper claims. This results in delay of payment, and notification of rejection. PBS works with every carrier that accepts electronic claims, and we gurantee that every claim will be submitted within 24hrs.
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